International Dog Listener, Tony Knight, meets Doggy Chillin (November 2017)


International Dog Listener, Tony Knight, was in Scotland in August to run his Think Like A Dog course. Whilst he was here, he attended one of our sessions in school. We are working with young people in Paisley and teaching them how to Understand And Care For Dogs. Read an extract from his recent newsletter what he thought of our session with the young people:

“At the end of August, I traveled to Paisley, Scotland to run dog classes. My friend, Colum helped to organise it all (thanks again Colum). He also invited me to a session with disadvantaged children, where he teaches them about Dog Listening.
These kids have dropped out of the education system, usually due to having other tough issues in their lives. They feel disconnected to society and have normally been excluded from the school system.
Colum and his team are trying to reach them using Amichien Bonding as a catalyst. I took part in two classes which were certainly an eye-opener. Using patience and a flexible learning experience, they have managed to make dramatic progress with youngsters who have previously turned their backs to education.
Two girls from the tough end of town understood the concept of pack structure and responsibility by equating it to how the local gangland boss could be threatened if a new boss arrived with a bigger crew. Whatever works I guess…
It was an amazing experience and proof that the right way of communicating can create dramatic imporvement. One of the girls has previously stated that she would never come back to this sh*te, yet there she was once more… :)”

More information about the work that Tony does worldwide can be found on his web site:

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