Doggy Chillin staff at Mary Russell School careers event

Jim, Catherine, Colum and of course, Jenna our dog (pictured above) all attended a careers event hosted by Mary Russell School for their primary pupils. We discussed with them various careers that they could follow working with dogs, like dog walking and grooming. In addition we talked about roles that dogs assist us with, like guide dogs and police dogs.

Needless to say, our assistance dog, Jenna, was star of the show where many of the pupils wanted to come up and meet here. Key to our work with young people is teaching them how to interact safely with a dog. We taught the pupils attending our sessions not to invade a dog’s personal space and to only call it over when it was calm using our Doggy Chillin song. Needless to say it was the young people who followed the rules and it was some of the adults who kept trying to break them by stepping in to pat her!

To find out more about the work that we dog in school please visit our education page.

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