The Play Bow

Enclosed is a short video clip showing the play bow in dog behaviour. It is universally recognised, by dogs and wolves, as an invitation to play. Note how the dog that invites the other lowers the front part of its body (like the downward facing dog, yoga position) showing the other dog that it is not a threat and would like to play.

2 thoughts on “The Play Bow”

  1. Love to see the dogs playing. We get so many hours of pleasure watching Tess and Harry play with each other and with other occasional visiting dogs, though sadly we can’t have visits at the moment. The play now is such a great signal. Our two sometimes “call” each other with a demanding little bark which seems to say “come and play with me” seeking to get the attention of the other. Hope you and Anne are both well. We’re OK but much more circumspect given that even up here Covid cases are increasing. My new hip progresses, but not fast enough for me! 😁. Am trying to get  a 2 mile walk a day, but a bit hampered by not being able to drive. It’s much easier if I can go somewhere where I can let the dogs off their leads, then I can use my walking poles as the physio advised. So I’m reliant on Andrew coming along too.  Looking forward to getting the vaccine!Best wishesRossSent from my Galaxy


    1. Thanks Ross,
      I love seeing dogs play and it’s interesting how your dogs have developed their own ways of getting each other’s attentions.
      Great that you’re slowly starting to get more movement with your hip. It’s hard waiting for it to improve at this early stage.
      All the best, Colum.


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