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Doggy Chillin staff (left to right): Jenna, Colum Scriven, Jim Durning, Catherine Quinn

Doggy Chillin offers a variety of courses that introduces a dog into the learning environment. This helps to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere where students can flourish and enhanced learning takes place. All our courses are flexible and can be tailored according to the age and needs of the pupil.

We currently offer 3 courses: Being Safe Around Dogs, Understanding and Caring for Dogs, and Reading with Dogs. Please click on the relevant link to learn more.

Who are we?

At Doggy Chillin we are committed to working with young people, many of whom find it difficult to engage in the learning process. When dogs are safely introduced into the learning environment the focus moves from the student to the dog. For students for whom communication and social interaction can be a challenge, this experience can enhance learning. In addition, we teach the students how to engage safely with dogs, offering them invaluable skills which they can demonstrate to others.

Doggy Chillin is made up of the following people:

  • Catherine Quinn has over 30 years experience teaching both in primary and secondary schools, specialising in working with children with additional support needs. She has also worked in the community with parents and families. Catherine has additional qualifications in guidance/pastoral care and support for learning. She attended the course, Understanding Your Dog, in 2016 run by the internationally renowned Dog Listener, Tony Knight.
  • Jim Glancy Durning is a qualified social worker, with over 20 years experience, working with young people in care and with Barnardo’s. He has 7 years experience working with a boisterous fox red Labrador, and also attended Tony’s course in 2015.
  • Colum Scriven is a Dog Listener who has over 7 years experience helping owners with their troubled dogs. He has had dogs for about 14 years, the most difficult of whom, Sally, remains his greatest teacher. He is also a qualified teacher.

What else would we like to achieve?

Currently Doggy Chillin is looking to rent about 3 acres of land in or near Renfrewshire to open a dog day care centre. This would be a social enterprise, the primary business of which would be the care of dogs whilst their owners are out at work. In addition, it would offer training and employment opportunities to young people who find it difficult to obtain work. The centre would also seek to develop partnerships with other organisations with similar ideals.

Contact Us

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