The Calmer Canine Co-operative

I collaborate with a group of experienced dog listeners who call themselves The Calmer Canine Co-operative. We offer various forms of support for dog owners in different parts of the world: the UK, US, Australia, Belgium, Holland, France and Sweden. To find out more about our group visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can visit the individual dog listener’s web page or Facebook page.

Ingrid Vanthienen, Belgium
Ingrid Vanthienen Facebook
Kate Atkins, England
Tony Knight, France/Australia
Ali Carrington, England​
Saskia Auf Dem Brinke, The Netherlands
Julie Cluley, Scotland
Madeleine Pettersson, Sweden
Sarah Greeff, England
Phil Klein, USA
Nigel Reed, England
Rebecca Trono, USA
Tranquil Dogs Consulting Facebook Page
CCC Members