Understanding and Caring for Dogs

Example of a 3D dog created by young people being examined by Jenna (unfortunately wearing a collar of shame!)

This course teaches students how to understand and care for dogs (there is no need to have a dog in order to do the course). It creates a collaborative learning community to promote positive ways of communicating and boost self-confidence. Work experience is provided which supports the skills and knowledge attained on the course. It can also offer accreditation for students. Read more about our course in the enclosed document.

This is a 30-40 hour course that can be offered over 2 academic terms (1-2 hours per week) or tailored to meet the educational establishment’s timetabling needs. The course is taught using educational videos, group discussion, teacher input and practical exercises. In addition, the young people are encouraged to use their creative talents to demonstrate what they have learnt on the course. These can vary from explanatory posters, 3D models, powerpoint presentations and videos. Work experience is offered at a dog centre that uses the same principles about dog interaction that is taught on the course.

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