Welcome to Doggy Chillin CIC

What do we offer?

Doggy Chillin CIC is a social enterprise based in the west of Scotland. We offer a variety of courses that safely introduce a dog into the learning environment. This helps to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere where students can flourish and enhanced learning takes place. Please visit our Education page for more information.

What else would we like to achieve?

Our long term plan is to create a dog day care centre, the primary business of which would be the care of dogs whilst their owners are at work. It will also offer training and employment opportunities to those who find it difficult to obtain work. Please keep an eye on our News page for updates.

What else do we do?

In addition, one of our staff is a Dog Listener who offers one-to-one consultations for owners who are having difficulties with their dog(s). More detail about consultations can be found here.

Contact us

If you would like information on any of the services that Doggy Chillin offers, please visit our Contact Us page.

A note about the advertising on this website

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